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Shutters is My Last Project

I bought my first house about two years ago. I got it for a great price because it has definitely been a fixer upper for my family. My husband has been able to do a lot of the work though, which helped us save even more money. It took us two years to get the major things done, and finally it was time to do what I had been wanting to do from the beginning. I had always wanted plantation shutters because I just think they look so elegant. They are also quite functional too!

I had been looking at different companies that sell all kinds of window coverings and treatments, and I knew that there was not a company in the area that was going to beat the price or quality of Orange County Shutters. When I first saw how low their prices were, I admit I was a bit skeptical. After looking at so many different types of shutters, I knew the average prices of the various types. Continue reading

My AC Unit Needed Cleaned

I am not the type of person who likes heat. I like to be warm, but I do not like to be overheated at all. It makes me cranky like nothing else can. That is why I knew I needed to locate a company that does AC repair in Brandon, MS when my air conditioner unit would not turn on this past summer. I opened my windows, but that did not really help me any. I had fans too, but that was just recirculating warm air. I needed cold air so much that I couldn’t even stay at my house to wait for the air conditioner repair person. Continue reading

Checklist: Hiring a Mason

Checklist: Hiring a Mason

by HomeAdvisor

Home exterior with wall
Bricklayers and stonemasons have constructed some of the longest standing buildings, which makes it easy to understand why people want their homes made of brick or stone. Masons are not just workers, they’re also artists. But be warned, bricking your home can cost a pretty penny, so make sure you follow these steps to ensure you have the right person, at the right price, for your next brick or stone project.

Before you call:

  • Research the different stone or brick options that you might want to have installed on your home to get an idea of their pros, cons, and costs. Your mason will be able to better explain how his services with certain materials is determined, but this could give you a ballpark figure of your materials cost.
  • Find some homes in your area that have recently been bricked or stoned. Talk to the owners to figure out an estimated price of the work to be done.

Choosing the Right Mason:

  • Compare the brick rates of several masons. Typically, brick masons figure their price per brick. Stone masons often do the same if the stones are uniform, but they also charge by the job or the hour if stones vary in size. If he is going to charge by the square foot, will he subtract the area of the windows?
  • Ask your mason to provide some examples of his work and find out if he has ever completed any projects that are similar to yours.
  • Some masons consider themselves to be workers, some artists, some both. Figure out if you need an artist for a stylish fireplace, a worker for a plain brick house, or both for a drystacked limestone home.
  • Consider skill and experience over a cheaper hourly rate. Having an inexperienced, inexpensive mason who tears up your yard, takes too long, and doesn’t do what you want done, will require a second mason to do the job right. Avoid those mistakes by hiring quality first.

Ideas to Consider:

  • Stone and brick don’t have to be laid in horizontal patterns. Depending on the project you can detail your home with a unique design. Talk with your mason about different designs that may be best for you.
  • Masonry can be messy work. First, bricks and rocks will be stacked on your property. Next, those materials will slowly get moved around and scattered about as the bricklayers pick through the materials for the best choices. Concrete will get on the yard simply from how the mortar is applied. Be reasonable in your reaction to your yard being in disarray. These masons are just doing the job you want done.